November 9, 2011

Profile: San Francisco Paratransit, Cab, Ramp Taxi, and Group Van Services

SAN FRANCISCO - The has developed an innovative decentralized, multi-mode, and cost efficient strategy for providing paratransit service in San Francisco, California. The network is managed by Veolia Transportation for
involves the participation of 20 independent companies providing three distinct types of service. SF Access is the shared-ride ADA compliant paratransit service. It is provided by companies such as Mobility Plus Transportation. The Taxi and Ramp Taxi Services are assisted ambulatory and wheelchair accessible curb-to-curb taxi services. Taxis make up approximately 55 percent of all services. Companies such as DeSoto Cab provide this service. And there is the
SF Partransit Group Van Service. It is
a pre-scheduled van service providing door-to-door transportation to groups of ADA eligible riders attending agency programs. Companies such as Mobility Plus Transportation provide this service for

VIDEO #2: Paratransit Heroes - Trailer

VIDEO #3: Fred Lein Trailer

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