November 1, 2011

NEWS: LogistiCare Run NEMT Brokerage in Mississippi Draws Complaints

MISSISSIPPI - The following WDAM-7 News video from Sept. 06, 2011 looks into calls for an investigation into LogistiCare from frustrated users of Medicaid transportation in Mississippi. One resident from Hattiesburg who requires wheelchair accessible transport to get to and from dialysis treatment is shown having waited 4 hours for his bus to arrive. LogistiCare is contracted by Mississippi Medicaid to coordinate and manage the Medicaid funded transportation services in Mississippi. For more information see the LogistiCare published brochure: How to Use Non-Emergency Medical Transportation for Mississippi Medicaid Beneficiaries.
What is LogistiCare?

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Anonymous said...

did Logisticare fix the problems ever? also in Michigan, what about there? Did they get it right or did they get worse?