November 22, 2011

Cairo Taxi Drivers and the Arab Spring

CAIRO, EGYPT - The following video is part of the BBC documentary: How Facebook Changed the World: The Arab Spring. The program shows the pivotal role social media and video sharing websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube played in the Arab Spring of 2011. In the opening minuets of the video, some of the the Egyptian activists discuss the unwitting role Cairo taxi drivers played in the revolution that would eventually topple the regime, but because only 20% of Egyptians had access to the internet, the activists had to find other ways to get their message out. One strategy was to make use of the Cairo taxi driver's gift of gab, but instead of appealing to them directly the activists took the surreptitious approach of letting the taxi drivers overhear cell phone conversations about planned protest activities, and then let the taxi drivers (believing they had just heard a coveted piece of secret information) spread the news. For a different perspective on the life of Cairo taxi drivers read my post about the documentary film El Bondera.

VIDEO: How Facebook Changed The World [3/4] (0.00 - 1:45)

YouTube - How Facebook Changed the World: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |Part 4

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