October 2, 2011

NEWS: Las Vegas RTC Changes Adversely Affect Service to Paratransit Riders

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - Sept. 9, 2011 - Back in July, the Regional Transportation Commission presented a proposal that would raise paratransit fares to $3/trip and eliminate the $80 unlimited pass for users of the RTC Paratransit Service. The proposals to paratransit were just part of a total overhaul of the transit system that is facing a revenue and funding short fall. Officials from the RTC said that while paratransit passengers represent 8% of the total users of their services, the Paratransit Service takes up about 26% of the total budget. Public consultation continued through the summer and a meeting was held at the end of August. In September it was decided that while the unlimited pass for paratransit riders would stay in place , the fare would rise to $3 from $2.75. Probably the most far reaching of the changes affecting paratransit users was the elimination, restructuring, and shrinking bus routes that in-turn reduces the service coverage area for paratransit that the RTC is required bylaw to provide.

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