October 26, 2011

NEMT Profile: Choice Medical Transport

ISLANDIA, NY - Choice Medical Transport is a non-emergency medical transportation company based in Islandia, New York. They are approved by Medicaid to provide authorized transports for Medicaid recipients in New York City, as well as Suffolk and Nassau Counties. They are also available for trips to Doctor appointments, dialysis treatment, hospitals, the local airport, and special events. Choice Medical Transport employs trained drivers who are given a through driving and background check.

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Vincent Lewis said...

Without a doubt the most pathetic transport organization I've ever had the displeasure of hiring. My father is blind and extremely anxious. Does not walk well at all and requires a wheelchair. Their 1PM scheduled pickup showed up at 2:30PM. I called every 20 minutes because each time I called they told me "8-10 more minutes" Lie upon lie. The driver, who was very nice, said "they never even told me about the pickup until 1:45PM" and was extremely apologetic. I then called the company at 7PM to confirm the scheduled 8PM return trip. They apologized and said the driver was running late and he would be here at 9PM. An hour late this time. I called at 8PM to confirm the 9PM pickup and they told me "sorry, it could be well after 9...even 10-10:30PM" I am LIVID!!! I paid 360 dollars for this service and they can;t tell me what time they will pick up my disabled father for the hour long trip home??? An absolutely disgusting display of customer service. I will never use them again and tell everyone I know to NEVER US THIS COMPANY!!!