October 9, 2011

News: $20m Lawsuit Filed in Virginia School Bus Abuse of Autistic Student

BEDFORD CO., VIRGINIA - Oct. 05, 2011 - A school bus driver and a special education school aide employed by Bedford County Public Schools that were both convicted of misdemeanor assault of an 11 year old severely autistic boy, are named in a $20 million lawsuit against the school board. Surveillance footage (Video #2) of the incident which took place in 2009, shows both bus driver and school aide repeatedly abusing the child. The video was released to the boy's family through the Freedom of Information Act. This incident has renewed efforts to introduce legislation requiring specialized training for those responsible for the care of autistic students. For more information see: Legislation Likely to Address Training for Aides to Autistic Students (Richmond Time-Dispatch).

VIDEO #1: Bedford County bus beating caught on camera

VIDEO #2: Suit Alleges Abuse of Autistic Child on School Bus

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