October 26, 2011

NEWS: No Free Breeze Card Transfers for Atlanta Area Paratransit Users

GWINNETT COUNTY, GA - Oct. 26, 2011 - Gwinnett County Paratransit riders have to pay an extra full fare when transferring to MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority), even if they have a Breeze Card. Ordinarily, passengers using regular Gwinnett Transit service can transfer to MARTA for free when using the Breeze Card, but users of paratransit, who already pay more for the specialized service are left paying full fare: $7.30 one way, while ordinary riders would only pay $2. It is reported that the different transit organizations in the Atlanta Metro Area are aware of the inconsistencies in the regional fare policy and are considering a number of options including the integration of the various regional and city operated systems into a single network.

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