September 27, 2011

Inspirations: Vail Horton

VAIL HORTON - Vail Horton is an entrepreneur, inventor, motivational speaker, and disability advocate. Born without legs, with limited growth in his arms, and given up for adoption at birth; he has none-the-less faced life with an optimism and energy that inspires others to accomplish their own goals, dreams, and ideas. Through his successful efforts to design and produce a better crutch, he went on to found Keen Mobility, a home medical supply and mobility product store with locations in Oregon and Pennsylvania, and online which he continues to own and operate. Vail Horton is also the founder and chairman of Incight, a charitable foundation based in Portland, Oregon that assists and empowers youths with disabilities in their pursuit of education, employment, and independence.

VIDEO #2: Vail Horton Speaking at Clark College Commencement

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