September 20, 2011

NEWS: Don't X Out Public Transit

Sept. 20, 2011 - Don't X Out Public Transit rally events were held today in several locations across the United States including Cleveland and Minneapolis. The nationwide campaign is in response to a proposed 6-year plan by Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman and Florida House Republican, John Mica that would cut annual transportation spending by 30 to 35 percent across the board. It is feared if implemented, these cuts will result in service delays, increased fares, overcrowding, and many transit and paratransit (see photo) employees losing jobs. After surveying it's membership, the American Public Transportation Association estimates that 620,000 public and private sector jobs will be lost and $17.2 billion in transportation projects foregone. For more information read: Cutting Federal Public Transportation Funding Will Result in Significant Job Losses and Service Cuts.

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