September 30, 2011

NEWS: MV Transportation Working to Improve Green Bay Paratransit

GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN - Sept. 29, 2011 - Just over a month ago I posted a report on the problems ailing the MV Transportation operated paratransit service in Green Bay. See: Green Bay Paratransit Users Frustrated with MV Transportation (Aug. 22, 2011). MV Transportation seems to have listened to the concerns raised by riders. At a recent public meeting, many in attendance said things were improving. This was consistent with improved on-time-performance numbers and on-board ride times provided by the company officials present. MVTransportation said they had been working over the past month to improve operational communications and had also provided further training to drivers. They stated that there were still things that needed to improve, such as problems with drivers unfamiliar with the area, and pick-up and drop-off locations. MV was committed to resolving these on-going problems. For more information see: Green Bay Bus Service for Disabled "Finally is Getting Better" (Green Bay Gazette), Metro Officials Hear Latest Concerns of Paratransit Riders (WBAY-ABC2), and Green Bay's Paratransit Service Improves, But Still "A Work in Progress" (WBAY-ABC2).

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