June 20, 2011

National & Regional NEMT Companies

Links to companies that provide or broker Non-Emergency Medical Transportation services on a national or multi-state regional scale in the United States. For more information see NEMT Services and NEMT Resources.

- American Medical Response - National company owned by EMS Corporation.

- LogistiCare - NEMT broker partnered with 1100 local providers in 36 states + DC

- Providence Service Corporation - Operates in 36 States + DC.

- Medical Transportation Management - National NEMT broker managing networks in 30 states + DC.

- Molina Medicare - Transport for insured members in Ohio, California, Florida, New Mexico, Michigan, Texas, Utah, & Washington

- National Medical Transport - Operating in 48 states.

- Rural/Metro Corporation - Operating in approximately 400 communities throughout the U.S.

- RxMedCo - Operating in all 50 states.

- Safe Ride Services - Operating in Florida, Illinois, New York, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and Washington State. A division of FirstGroup PLC

- TMS Transportation Management Group - NEMT Brokerage and Administration

- TransCare - Regional carrier operating in New York State and other areas of NE.

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