June 25, 2011

Non-Profit Spotlight: Nathan Hale Veterans Outreach Center

PLYMOUTH, MA - The Nathan Hale Veterans Outreach Center of Plymouth and Middleborough, Massachusetts is a non-profit organization that operates a trips and transit program for veterans to get to the local Department of Veterans Affairs facilities. It also provides transport for veterans attending the Veterans Upward Bound Program at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Founded in 2006 by Christopher C. Hart, the Veteran's Outreach Center is named after Nathan Hale, a hero of the Revolutionary War. To learn more about the work of the Nathan Hale Veterans Outreach Centers see: One Man's Passion Brings Service to Thousands of Veterans and Plymouth's Nathan Hale Foundation Saved from Budget Cuts. To learn more about how other VA transportation programs operate see the study: Improving Mobility For Veterans.

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