June 12, 2011

Long Distance NEMT (Ground) Services

Links to Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Providers that specialize in Long Distance (Ground) services.

ACC Medlink - National provider of local & long distance transports. Read More...
Ameritrans - Specializes in long distance NEMT trips
Angel Bus - Non-profit organization that utilizes motor homes & their volunteer drivers, as well as commercial buses for long distance NEMT for those in need.
Ark Angel Transport - St. Petersburg, Florida based nationwide long distance NEMT

Eastern Royal Medical Transport - Atlanta, GA based nationwide long distance NEMT

Managed Medical Transport - National long distance NEMT
Med Coach LLC - National long distance NEMT.
Medical Escort - International, offers variety of services including ground, rail, and air medical transport
MedFlight911 - National Air Medical Transport service that also provides long distance ground transport. Read More... 
MEDSprinter Medical Transport - Nationwide, leisure and air medical services available
Med Transport Center - National long distance provider of ground and air medical transport
National Medical Transport - National long distance NEMT

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Nicole said...

You forgot 1800Ambulance They provide ground and air ambulance transportation- local and long distance.

Anonymous said...

1800ambulance is just a broker a guy named larry and and pad of paper