May 18, 2011

NEWS: 20 New Wheelchair Accessible Taxis On The Road In Washington DC

WASHINGTON DC - May 12, 2011 - A pilot project of the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board to provide accessible taxi service in the District of Columbia has resulted in 20 wheelchair accessible taxis along with specially trained drivers to start serving the needs of the disabled community in Washington. rollDC has been funded largely by a $1 million grant from the New Freedom program of the Federal Transit Administration, along with a smaller matching grant of $200,000 by the DC Taxicab Commission. Because of the extra time and work involved loading and unloading, some of the grant money plus additional funds from the cab companies involved in the program will pay the drivers $2 extra per trip. The taxi companies involved in the program: Yellow Cab and Royal Cab., are to make the new wheelchair accessible Toyota Sienna minivans available for service 24/7. See: FTA New Freedom Program Funds rollDC Accessible Taxicabs to learn more.
VIDEO #2: rollDC Launch (Fox 5 - WTTG)

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