April 30, 2011

NEMT Profile: Sam's Ambulette Service

SEATTLE - Sam's Ambulette Service is a non-emergency medical transportation company operating in Seattle, Tacoma, Federal Way and surrounding areas of Washington State. It provides assisted ambulatory, wheelchair, or stretcher services to elderly, disabled, and special needs individuals. Sam's Ambulance Service is locally owned. All vehicles comply to ADA standards and their drivers are certified by the National Safety Council and the Health & Safety Institute. Ismael Tabaino, the manager of Sam's Ambulance Service has written a number of excellent articles about NEMT and disabilities that are especially helpful for consumers. I have included some of them on my other website: The Ambulette.


Anonymous said...

What a great article! Thank you for all the great information. I will refer this transport company to my residents.

Thanks Sally..
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enjoyed the video.. =)

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Very interesting article with valuable information! I found more articles written by the same author and it is a gold mine of NEMT information. I also found couple videos in YouTube under SAS NEMT. Referred links to my colleagues.

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