April 16, 2011

Mississippi Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services

Links to providers of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) services in Mississippi; also known as Ambulette, Ambucab, Cabulance, Medi-Bus, Medi-Van, or Medi-Car Services. To find services available elsewhere in the United States and Canada go to the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Providers page.

Acadian Ambulance Service - Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas
AMR - Jackson, Gulfport, Natchez; Amite, Claiborne, Jefferson, Simpson, Smith, Wilkinson, & Yazoo Counties


Dan Reid said...

We are the largest provider of NEMT services in South Mississippi (over 14,000 trips per month) but we are not listed on this page. How does one get their company listed?

Webmaster said...

Anyone needing to get a hold of me can use this service - http://www.contactify.com/86b47