April 16, 2011

Maryland Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services

Links to providers of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) services in Maryland; also known as Ambulette, Ambucab, Cabulance, Medi-Bus, Medi-Van, or Medi-Car Services. To find services available elsewhere in the United States and Canada go to the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Providers page.

Access-Ride - Maryland; as well as DC Metro Area, and Virginia
AMR - Baltimore; Ann Arundel, Howard, Montgomery, & Prince George's Counties
Falcon Transport - Maryland, Washington Metro Area, and Georgia.
Home Life Help Services - Baltimore/Washington Metro Area and Maryland.
JNA Medical Transport - Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC
LifeStar - Baltimore/Washington DC Metro Area, Northern Virginia
Medic-Care - Based in Nottingham
MML Transport - Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia; featured Provider Profile.
MTS Transportation - Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia
Saferide - City of Baltimore and surrounding Counties
TransCare - Maryland, Washington D.C., Northern Virginia
Washington D.C. Mobility - Maryland, D.C., and Northern Virginia

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DMV Patient Transport said...

Great information on this blog. As a NEMT Company in DC, it is always great to read about local information concerning NEMT Companies in the area.