April 10, 2011

NEMT Index

Blog posts and directory pages that deal primarily with Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) also known as Ambulette, Ambucab, Cabulance, Medi-Bus, Medi-Van, Medi-Car, or Medicaid Transport.

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Southern States Insurance New!



5 Star Medical Transport (Chesapeake, Virginia)

Ahava Access (Brooklyn, New York)
Allied Medical Transport (San Francisco, California)
Care Cab (Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota)
Choice Medical Transport (Islandia, New York)
Coastline Transportation (Manistee, Michigan)
Comfort Coach Transportation (Oceanside, California)
Connecticut Transportation Solutions (Cheshire, Connecticut)
Dierkes Transportation (Hudson, New York)

Economy Transport (Los Angeles, California)
Emerald Coast Medical Transport (Panama City, Florida)
Good Samaritan Service (Myrtle Beach, South Carolina)
Health Care Associates Transport (Grand Rapids, Michigan)
MML Transportation (Alexandria, Virginia)
Mt. Zion Medical Transportation (Woodbridge, Virginia) New!
NEPAT Mobile Transport (Winston Salem, North Carolina)
Northeast Transportation Services (Red Hook, New York)
Ohio Medical Transport (Dayton, Ohio)
Premier Ambulette Transportation (New Rochelle, New York)
PRN Para Transit Service (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
Quality Transportation Services (Phoenix, Arizona)
Sam's Ambulette Service
(Seattle, Washington)
Secure Medical Transport (Kansas City, Missouri/Kansas)
Tender Hearts Transportation (Prescott, Arizona)
Transport Care (Santa Roza, California)
U.S. Ambulette (Brooklyn, New York)
We Care Transportation (Buffalo, New York)
World Trans Non-Emergency Medical Services (Los Angeles, California)

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- 2011 NEWS -
May 11, 2011 - Chicago NEMT Providers Shut Down Amid Rising Gas Prices
May 01, 2011 - AMR Run Nebraska Medicaid Brokerage Experiences Problems
Jan. 06, 2011 - LogistiCare Run NEMT Brokerage in Michigan Draws Complaints

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