March 26, 2011

News: MTA Board Member Busy Texting as Able-Ride Users Voice Concerns

LONG ISLAND, NY - The following March 24, 2011 video from WPIX-11 News shows how one board member (Nancy Shevell) of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) was repeatedly distracted with texting on her cell phone while present on stage with other members of the board at an important public meeting where members of the public aired their concerns over proposed cutbacks, including MTA's paratransit service: Able-Ride. The MTA is planning to cut $1,2 million from it's annual budget by eliminating 10% of it's nearly 400,000 rides/year to disabled residents of Nassau County who depend upon Able-Ride. The changes will go into effect April 12, 2011. Nancy Shevell has been a board member of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority since being appointed to that position by then Govennor Pataki in 2001. Associated Press reports that Nancy Shevell has missed 4 full board meetings since 2008, more than any other board member. Her term expires in June 30, 2011. She is vice president, administration, of New England Motor Freight, Inc. (NEMF) of the Shevell Group of Companies. Those looking for a way to fight against these and other fare hikes and service cuts to public transportation in the NYC Metro area can join with other like minded citizens through the Tri-State Transportation Campaign website. Concerned about disability transportation issues in New York? Connect with others at the NYS Paratransit Network.

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