March 26, 2011

News: MTA Board Member Busy Texting as Able-Ride Users Voice Concerns

LONG ISLAND, NY - The following March 24, 2011 video from WPIX-11 News shows how one board member (Nancy Shevell) of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) was repeatedly distracted with texting on her cell phone while present on stage with other members of the board at an important public meeting where members of the public aired their concerns over proposed cutbacks, including MTA's paratransit service: Able-Ride. The MTA is planning to cut $1,2 million from it's annual budget by eliminating 10% of it's nearly 400,000 rides/year to disabled residents of Nassau County who depend upon Able-Ride. The changes will go into effect April 12, 2011. Nancy Shevell has been a board member of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority since being appointed to that position by then Govennor Pataki in 2001. Associated Press reports that Nancy Shevell has missed 4 full board meetings since 2008, more than any other board member. Her term expires in June 30, 2011. She is vice president, administration, of New England Motor Freight, Inc. (NEMF) of the Shevell Group of Companies. Those looking for a way to fight against these and other fare hikes and service cuts to public transportation in the NYC Metro area can join with other like minded citizens through the Tri-State Transportation Campaign website. Concerned about disability transportation issues in New York? Connect with others at the NYS Paratransit Network.

March 19, 2011

Scheduling: Trapeze Group

TRAPEZE GROUP - Trapeze provides integrated software and IT solutions to optimize operations in various modes of transport including Community Transport and Non-Emergency Medical Transportation. They offer a wide array of products and services such as scheduling, automated call systems and dispatch, operations and information management, and much more. Trapeze Group is a large international company with offices in North America, United Kingdom, Continental Europe, and Asia Pacific. Here are some examples of their work:
1. Paratransit Case Study: South Coast Area Transit - California
2. Paratransit Case Study: Western Community Action - NOVUS, Minnesota
3. Paratransit Case Study - Calgary Handi-Bus Association - Alberta, Canada
4. NEMT Case Study: LeFleur Transportation Trapeze MT, Mississippi
5. Keith Forstall of Trapeze writes an excellent blog called Paratransit Matters.

VIDEO - Transporting Aging Americans with Trapeze Find other paratransit Scheduling/Dispatch Software Companies

March 13, 2011

One Call, One Click Services Conference

ONE CALL, ONE CLICK SERVICES CONFERENCE - The following 3 videos are presentations from the December 2, 2010 Community Transportation Association of America's "One Call, One Click" Services Conference. "One Call, One Click" is a term used to describe a single booking, scheduling, and dispatching center for a variety of specialized community transportation services such as ADA Paratransit, Medicaid Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, Volunteer Community Agencies, and Senior Taxi Programs. Customers in the community needing specialized transportation can call by phone or access by internet the center and have the appropriate transportation service booked for a pick-up. By matching the appropriate service to the customers needs, "One Call, One Click" centers have proven themselves to be cost-effective by reducing duplication of services and by directing clients away from higher cost services when possible.

VIDEO #1 - Patrick Rogers - Steuben County, New York
The first presentation features Patrick Rogers of the Institute for Human Services describing the transportation one-call service that serves Steuben County N.Y. The new call service was built upon the Institute's existing multi-county 211 Helpline and referral call center supporting the five area transit/paratransit providers and the Institute's volunteer transportation service. For more information read: One Call-One Click Case Studies: Steuben, New York (pdf).

VIDEO #2 - Norah Cashin - Dane County, Wisconsin

The second presentation features Norah Cashin, Transportation Coordinator with the Dane County Department of Human Services in Dane County, Wisconsin. The Transportation Department One-Call Center connects callers to transportation as well as other services through the Department of Human Services.

VIDEO #3 - Ethan Nelson - Lane County, Oregon

In the third presentation, Ethan Nelson of the Lane Transit District in Lane County, Oregon describes how the Transit District's RideSource Call Center which previously handled only ADA Paratransit, has incorporated Medicaid Non-Emergency Medical Transportation to their responsibilities - doubling the center's call volume.

Find more blog posts and directory pages that deal primarily with non-emergency medical transportation on the NEMT Index.

March 6, 2011

Dial-A-Ride Profile: Town of Newington Dial-A-Ride Program

NEWINGTON, CT. - The Town of Newington Dial-A-Ride is a program funded and operated through the Town of Newington's Department of Senior and Disabled Services. The service is available to Newington, Connecticut residents who are 55 years+ or have a disability in accordance with the American’s with Disabilities Act. The buses are wheelchair accessible and the service is shared ride and curb-to-curb. As shown in the video, the service is also used to deliver Meals On Wheels to local residents. The Town of Newington also offers an Out of Town Medical Transportation Program for seniors and the disabled needing transport for medical appointments in neighboring towns. The following video was filmed by Ryan Farrenkopf over a 2 day period in the fall of 2008.

March 5, 2011

Dial-A-Ride Profile: Hockanum Valley Community Council Dial-A-Ride Program

Hockanum Valley Community Council Dial-A-Ride Program is a wheelchair accessible shared ride community bus service for residents of Vernon, Ellington, Tolland, East Hartford, and Manchester Connecticut who are at least 60 years of age or disabled adults (21 years) for any purpose including medical appointment, shopping, social, or recreational outings.