January 20, 2011

Partnerships for Wellness Conference: Health, Mobility, and Elders

PARTNERSHIPS FOR WELLNESS - The following video is an excerpt of a panel discussion from the Partnerships for Wellness 2009 Conference. The panel participants discuss best practices and issues involved in transporting seniors for non-emergency medical care. The panel includes representatives from Ride Connection in Portland, Oregon and Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley, Massachusetts. The complete presentation along with supplemental materials can be found at Partnerships for Wellness: Health Care, Mobility, and Elders.


1. Introduction - The 2009 Partnerships for Wellness Conference brought together transportation professionals, health care advocates, and researchers to discuss current challenges facing the delivery of non-emergency medical transportation.
2. Keynote Address - The executive director of CTAA discusses the history of health care and non-emergency medical transportation in America.
3. The Challenge of Medicaid Transportation - The panel discusses the different forces that are impacting Medicaid non-emergency medical transportation.
4. Health Care, Mobility, and ADA Paratransit - This presentation demonstrates non-emergency medical transportation and the ADA Paratransit service can be blended to increase efficiency and make medical care more accessible.
5. Health Care, Mobility, and Medical Centers - The panel participants discuss hospital transportation contracting.
6. Health Care. Mobility, and Collaboration - The panel discusses collaborating with different agencies to provide non-emergency medical transportation.
7. Health Care, Mobility, and Children - This presentation reviews the issues in providing non-emergency medical transportation to children.
8. Health Care, Mobility, and Elders - The panel participants discuss best practices and issues involved in transporting elders for non-emergency medical care.
9. Non-Emergency Stretch Transport - The panel discusses issues involved with Non-Emergency Stretcher Transportation
10. Challenges and the Way Forward - This presentation discusses the challenges in non-emergency medical transportation in light of current and proposed reforms to Health Care, Medicare, and Medicaid.

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