January 16, 2011

Partnerships for Wellness Conference: Non-Emergency Stretcher Transport

PARTNERSHIPS FOR WELLNESS - The following videos are excerpts of a panel discussion from the Partnerships for Wellness 2009 Conference. The panel discusses issues involved with Non-Emergency Stretcher Transportation (NEST) including state reimbursements to operators (Video #1) and MRSA or Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aura (Video #2). The complete presentation along with supplemental materials can be found at Partnerships for Wellness: Non-Emergency Stretcher Transport.


1. Introduction - The 2009 Partnerships for Wellness Conference brought together transportation professionals, health care advocates, and researchers to discuss current challenges facing the delivery of non-emergency medical transportation.
2. Keynote Address - The executive director of CTAA discusses the history of health care and non-emergency medical transportation in America.
3. The Challenge of Medicaid Transportation - The panel discusses the different forces that are impacting Medicaid non-emergency medical transportation.
4. Health Care, Mobility, and ADA Paratransit - This presentation demonstrates non-emergency medical transportation and the ADA Paratransit service can be blended to increase efficiency and make medical care more accessible.
5. Health Care, Mobility, and Medical Centers - The panel participants discuss hospital transportation contracting.
6. Health Care. Mobility, and Collaboration - The panel discusses collaborating with different agencies to provide non-emergency medical transportation.
7. Health Care, Mobility, and Children - This presentation reviews the issues in providing non-emergency medical transportation to children.
8. Health Care, Mobility, and Elders - The panel participants discuss best practices and issues involved in transporting elders for non-emergency medical care.
9. Non-Emergency Stretch Transport - The panel discusses issues involved with Non-Emergency Stretcher Transportation
10. Challenges and the Way Forward - This presentation discusses the challenges in non-emergency medical transportation in light of current and proposed reforms to Health Care, Medicare, and Medicaid.

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