January 24, 2011

NEWS: Connecticut Taxi Companies Seek State Approval of Accessible Cabs

HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT - Jan. 19, 2011 - As part of the on going effort to improve accessibility in Connecticut, MetroAccess and and Yellow Cab are asking the state Department of Transportation to approve the license application for 70 new wheelchair accessible taxi cabs. The prototype for the vehicle (as shown in the picture) is the MV-1. Though they cost $46,000 each, the MV-1 is classified as a "green" vehicle because it operates on compressed natural gas, and is therefore eligible for a federal subsidy. In October of last year, Metro Taxi in partnership with the Greater New Haven Transit District introduced the reduced fare Freedom Voucher Program to make the accessible taxi service more affordable in New Haven. For more information, see these related posts: MetroAccess Launches Connecticut's First Accessible Taxi, New Haven Announces Accessible Taxi Voucher Program, and 2010 MV-1 Wheels Across America Tour.

Wheelchair access taxis coming to CT: wtnh.com

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