December 29, 2010

United Medical Transportation Providers Group

United Medical Transportation Providers Group is a new organization for providers of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT). It's mission is to "(1) pursue, promote, and protect the NEMT interests of provider members, (2) establish and enhance industry standards of quality and expertise, and (3) expand accessibility and opportunity for member providers and our clients." It is headed by Joel Davis author of "How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company. He brings to the organization his years of working in the industry, first as an entrepreneur establishing his own successful NEMT company, and then as a industry leader: instructing and mentoring others who wish to build a business of their own. In the process he has recognized the need for an organization to promote and protect the interests of independent providers of NEMT. The United Medical Transportation Providers Group is that organization. The following video explains in detail the motivations for establishing the group and the benefits members will gain from joining. For more information you can read my Oct. 31, 2010 post.

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