November 7, 2010

Cuts To Paratransit: A National Issue

BUDGET CUTS - It would probably be no exaggeration to suggest that in the 20 year history of the Americans with Disabilities Act the current budget cuts to ADA Paratransit Services across the United States are unprecedented in depth and scope. Protests and demonstrations such as the
Chicago Rally for Mass Transit shown in the video below have been played out around the country. The video produced by
Debbie Pittman of the Concerned Citizens of Paratransit (@2:07 min.)
as well as several representatives from the
Amalgamated Transit Union. Because of the way ADA Paratransit is administered and funded, issues affecting the industry are often (though not always, see Cuts to St. Louis' Metro Call-A-Ride) reported by the Media as "local" and unconnected with events happening elsewhere. Taken together however, the following news stories from the past year show a different picture:

For information on cuts to Mass Transit see -
Stranded at the Station - Introduction and summary of the report (below).
Stranded at the Station: The Impact of the Financial Crisis in Public Transportation - 28 page pdf document prepared by the Transportation Equity Network
Stranded at the Station: Mapping the Transit Funding Crisis - an interactive map of the United State that lets users find what find out what recent service cuts and job losses are in each city.

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