October 31, 2010

United Medical Transportation Providers Group (UMTPG)

UNITED MEDICAL TRANSPORTATION PROVIDERS GROUP (UMTPG) - In the following video Joel Davis, author of "How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company shares his personal motivation and commitment for starting the United Medical Transportation Providers Group. The purpose of UMTPG is to "promote, build, enhance, and excel" the NEMT industry and the associated member's market opportunities. UMTPG will help members "get in business, grow their business, and protect their business." To learn more about further developments concerning the United Medical Transportation Providers Group see my post for Dec. 29, 2010.


To learn more about Joel Davis and some of the entrepreneurs he has helped get started see my Start Your Own NEMT Business Series.

- Interview with Robert Hall of Basic Life Support, Arizona
- Interview with Carlos Banks of The Wheelchair Taxi, North Carolina
- Interview with Dr. Richard Terry discussing Health Care & the Future of NEMT

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