October 8, 2010

Non-Profit Spotlight: American Red Cross

American Red Cross is well known for it's humanitarian aid and emergency assistance during times of crisis, but there are also smaller, on-going community services and programs that do not have a high profile, but are non-the-less beneficial to local communities. The Transportation Service Programs that are offered in many of the over 700 local chapters are an example of just such work. The following videos provide examples of services offered by the Community Transportation Program of the American Red Cross of Greater Columbus, and by the Senior Medical Transportation Program of the Midway-Kansas Chapter of the American Red Cross. Here are some other examples of Community Transport Programs offered by the Red Cross:

Greater Carolinas Chapter - Transportation Services
Greater Houston Chapter - Non-Emergency Health & Human Services
Greater Richmond Chapter - Transportation Services
Santa Cruz County Chapter - Transportation Services
Ohio Buckeye Region - Community Transportation Program

VIDEO #1: Medical Transportation Ride-Along - Wichita, Kansas

VIDEO #2: Red Cross Transportation - Columbus, Ohio

For more information on non-profit agencies and programs see: Non-Profit Services.

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