October 31, 2010

United Medical Transportation Providers Group (UMTPG)

UNITED MEDICAL TRANSPORTATION PROVIDERS GROUP (UMTPG) - In the following video Joel Davis, author of "How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company shares his personal motivation and commitment for starting the United Medical Transportation Providers Group. The purpose of UMTPG is to "promote, build, enhance, and excel" the NEMT industry and the associated member's market opportunities. UMTPG will help members "get in business, grow their business, and protect their business." To learn more about further developments concerning the United Medical Transportation Providers Group see my post for Dec. 29, 2010.


To learn more about Joel Davis and some of the entrepreneurs he has helped get started see my Start Your Own NEMT Business Series.

- Interview with Robert Hall of Basic Life Support, Arizona
- Interview with Carlos Banks of The Wheelchair Taxi, North Carolina
- Interview with Dr. Richard Terry discussing Health Care & the Future of NEMT

October 30, 2010

NEWS: VIA Trans Leaves Elderly Blind Woman Stranded

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS - October 28, 2010 - In the following news story from KENS-TV: Elderly Blind Woman's Family Blames VIA for Leaving Her Stranded on Sidewalk, a blind 79 year old woman describes her 2 hour ordeal after being left unattended on the sidewalk in front of her San Antonio home by VIA Trans. VIA Trans Van Service is a private company contracted to provide paratransit for VIA Metropolitan Transit. VIA classifies this client's service as "Curb-to Curb". The representative from VIA stated that the client's caregivers/family were informed in September that they could choose a "door-to-door or do not leave alone" service option instead, but VIA had not received any request for change.

On pages 18-19 of the most recent online edition of VIA's Accessible Service Customer Guide (Dec. 2008) these "Premium Service" options are described in detail. For "Door-to-Door" service, operator assistance is provided "only for manual wheelchair-dependent passengers who cannot independently get to or from the VIAtrans vehicle when no able-bodied party is at home to assist them" (page 19 - Door-To-Door Operator Assistance). As well, (although this is technically in reference to "able-bodied" visually impaired clients), drivers are to ensure that visually impaired clients are assisted to their door if no one is at home to meet them. (page 19 - Mobility Assistance for Visually Impaired).

October 25, 2010

NEWS: New Haven Announces Accessible Taxi Voucher Program

NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT - October 14, 2010 - A year after introducing Connecticut's first wheelchair-accessible taxi service, Metro Taxi's MetroAccess has added 3 more accessible vans to it's fleet. As well, it has now been made more affordable (50% discount) for the disabled to take the taxi with the launch of the new Freedom Voucher Program. The program is a joint venture between Metro Taxi and the Greater New Haven Transit District, and is funded through the USDOT, FTA New Freedom Program, and CDOT. Related: MetroAccess Launches Connecticut's First Accessible Taxi Service
VIDEO #2: New MetroAccess Taxis

October 16, 2010

Seniors Medical Transport Taxi Program a Success

NORTH HEMPTEAD, NEW YORK - The Project Independence Taxi Transportation Program is an initiative of the Town of North Hempstead Department of Services for the Aging (DOSA) that provides town residents age 60 and over, discounted (New York State Medicaid Rate) taxi rides for non-emergency medical, dental, and treatment appointments within North Hempstead, as well as some frequently visited destinations outside of the town, 7 days a week. The program has been spearheaded by Town Supervisor Jon Kaiman (see Video #1), and has involved State Grant money secured by NY State Senator Craig Johnson. The taxi companies participating in the program are: Delux Transportation Services ( see Video #2), All Island Transportation, Taxi Hispanio Express, and Checker Cab.
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October 13, 2010

Non-Profit Spotlight: Community Transportation Network (CTN)

FORT WAYNE, INDIANA - The Community Transportation Network, Inc. (CTN) is a not-for-profit agency in Fort Wayne, Indiana that provides and coordinates specialized transportation for seniors, persons with disabilities, children, youth, and disadvantaged families in Allen County, Indiana. CTN's services include shared ride wheelchair transport for Medicaid funded medical trips, and program transportation support for local agencies. A unique service run by CTN is the Senior Keys Program, by which seniors that are no longer able to drive can donate their good 'unused' car in exchange for rides to appointments. For information on other non-profit agencies and programs see: Non-Profit Transportation Services.

October 10, 2010

NEMT Profile: MML Transportation

VIRGINIA - MML Transportation is a non-emergency medical transportation provider based in Alexandria, Virginia. MML Transportation provides 'bed-to-bed' stretcher (Stryker MX-Pro - 650lb. capacity), bariatric (to accommodate clients over 250lbs), wheelchair, and assisted ambulatory transport services throughout Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington DC Metropolitan Area.

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October 8, 2010

Non-Profit Spotlight: American Red Cross

American Red Cross is well known for it's humanitarian aid and emergency assistance during times of crisis, but there are also smaller, on-going community services and programs that do not have a high profile, but are non-the-less beneficial to local communities. The Transportation Service Programs that are offered in many of the over 700 local chapters are an example of just such work. The following videos provide examples of services offered by the Community Transportation Program of the American Red Cross of Greater Columbus, and by the Senior Medical Transportation Program of the Midway-Kansas Chapter of the American Red Cross. Here are some other examples of Community Transport Programs offered by the Red Cross:

Greater Carolinas Chapter - Transportation Services
Greater Houston Chapter - Non-Emergency Health & Human Services
Greater Richmond Chapter - Transportation Services
Santa Cruz County Chapter - Transportation Services
Ohio Buckeye Region - Community Transportation Program

VIDEO #1: Medical Transportation Ride-Along - Wichita, Kansas

VIDEO #2: Red Cross Transportation - Columbus, Ohio

For more information on non-profit agencies and programs see: Non-Profit Services.

October 6, 2010

NEMT Provider Profile: Care Cab

MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL - Care Cab is a non-emergency medical transportation provider in the
Minnesota, as well as the regional centers of
St. Cloud, and
Care Cab is owned by
Care Transportation, which operates other transportation related enterprises. In business for over 25 years,
Care Cab's fleet of over 50 vans provides
stretcher, and
wheelchair transport services for programs such as Blue Cross, Medica, UCare, First Plan, Itasca Medical Plan, Minnesota Non-Emergency Transport (MNET), Prime West, and Health Partners.

VIDEO: Care Cab

October 3, 2010

Paratransit Eligibility Assessment

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN - The video below describes the eligibility assessment process for the
Go!Bus paratransit service at
Grand Rapids, Michigan's transit provider. At
The Rapid, a Travel Trainer/ADA Administrator works together with a Registered Occupational Therapist from
Disability Advocates of Kent County to assess the client's eligibility for
Go!Bus in compliance with the
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Paratransit Eligibility Manual. An excellent resource for those preparing an application for eligibility (or appealing a denial) with
Go!Bus or any provider of ADA Paratransit in the United States is
"assist people with disabilities obtain an accurate and fair ADA paratransit eligibility determination."
Often applicants can "affect this process by carefully documenting their conditions, ensuring all their disability-related impairments are assessed." As well, if you are appealing a denial (or change in status) and there is an opportunity to meet in-person with the Appeals Committee/Board, (remembering to have your paper work in order) - it becomes much harder for them to turn you down when meeting face-to-face.


- ADA Paratransit Eligibility Models: Comparing the Options - 2007 - Douglas J. Cross Transportation Consulting

- Comprehensive ADA Paratransit Eligibility (National Transit Institute) - 2 day training to learn in-person interview/assessment tools and approaches.
- Centers For Independent Living Directory - Local resources for independent living and accessibility in the community.
- National Disability Rights Network - Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Disabilites
- Equip For Equality - Advancing the Human & Civil Rights of People with Disabilities in Illinois
- ADA Paratransit Eligibility Certification Practices (1998) - Transportation Research Board
- ADA Ride - Assists with the ADA paratransit eligibility process. Free for the general public and about half the cost of regular 'in-house' assessment by transit agencies.