September 27, 2010

NEWS: Cuts to St. Louis' Metro Call-A-Ride

St. Louis, Missouri - Bus Routes to Be Closed; Stimulus Money Can't Help - The first video below is from CNN's State of the Union program with John King from March 28, 2009. Beginning with a brief description of the nationwide nature of the transit funding cuts, he focuses in on the situation in St. Louis. There he talks to (among others) Stuart and Dianne Falk, who rely on Metro Call-A-Ride, Metro Transit's ADA Paratransit Service. They talk about how the service cuts will affect them. They are shown between 0:27-1:08 min. and then again at 3:30-3:57 min. of the first video. The couple were also featured in a earlier Metro Transit promotional video (Video #2) that shows them doing many of the activities that they describe in the CNN interview. The Falk's again discuss the important role that Metro Call-A-Ride plays in their lives. Note: To see an updated version (current stats) of the interactive map used at the beginning of the CNN segment go to: Transportation for America. For an update on the continuing transit cutbacks see: Cuts To Paratransit: A National Issue

VIDEO #2- Metro Means Freedom: Stuart & Dianne Falk

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