September 10, 2010

Non-Profit: Paratransit Inc.

SACRAMENTO - Operating in Sacramento, California since 1978, Paratransit Inc. is a "private non-profit corporation dedicated to providing transportation to individuals with disabilities, the elderly, and related agencies throughout the Sacramento County area." It is the contracted provider of paratransit services for Sacramento Regional Transit. Paratransit Inc. has developed a number of innovative services and programs: 1. Vehicle Maintenance Division - State-of-the-art maintenance shop and fueling station, and that are not only to service it's own vehicles but also those of other community organizations. 2. Mobility Training Program - Provides assistance to disabled and elderly wanting to learn how to use Sacramento's fixed route public transportation and Neighborhood Ride service. 3. Innovative Paradigms - Transportation consulting and operations management division. 4. Consolidated Transportation Services Agency - Since 1981 has served as the CTSA for the Sacramento area. In that role it partners with other community-based organizations to coordinate lower cost transportation alternatives to ADA Paratransit. To learn about other non-profit agencies and programs see: Non-Profit Transportation Services.

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