September 25, 2010

Paratransit Provider Profile: MTA Mobility

BALTIMORE - ADA Paratransit in Baltimore, Maryland is provided by the
MTA's Mobility/Paratransit Program is a "curb-to-curb, shared ride service for people with disabilities who are not able to ride fixed route
transit." According to the 2010 APTA Factbook, the program was ranked 12th in the United States in Passenger Trips provided. Videos 1 & 2 below, give a 'behind the scenes' look at what goes on at the MTA offices and provides an introduction to the program: including applying, eligibility, and use of the service. The third video provides a 'walk-through' of the process: giving those unfamiliar with it, some idea of what to expect when they visit the MTA Mobility offices to apply for service.
As well, MTA has a
taxi service program that "provides increased independence for people with disabilities."
Yellow Cab of Baltimore ( a Veolia Transportation company) is a contracted provider of this service, as well as for the City of Baltimore's Elderly & Handicapped Taxicard Program.

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