September 30, 2010

NEWS: GPS Technology Helps Disabled Utilize Alternative to Paratransit

TAMPA, FLORIDA - Bay 9 News - August, 2008 - GPS based Travel Assistance Device (TAD) developed by the Location-Aware Information Systems Laboratory at the University of South Florida helps Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART) train people with disabilities, such as the visually impaired how to use the fixed route bus service instead of relying solely on HARTplus Paratransit service. TAD is marketed by DAJUTA, a Tampa, Florida mobility solutions company. For more information see: Travel Assistance Device (TAD) to Help Transit Riders

September 27, 2010

NEWS: Cuts to St. Louis' Metro Call-A-Ride

St. Louis, Missouri - Bus Routes to Be Closed; Stimulus Money Can't Help - The first video below is from CNN's State of the Union program with John King from March 28, 2009. Beginning with a brief description of the nationwide nature of the transit funding cuts, he focuses in on the situation in St. Louis. There he talks to (among others) Stuart and Dianne Falk, who rely on Metro Call-A-Ride, Metro Transit's ADA Paratransit Service. They talk about how the service cuts will affect them. They are shown between 0:27-1:08 min. and then again at 3:30-3:57 min. of the first video. The couple were also featured in a earlier Metro Transit promotional video (Video #2) that shows them doing many of the activities that they describe in the CNN interview. The Falk's again discuss the important role that Metro Call-A-Ride plays in their lives. Note: To see an updated version (current stats) of the interactive map used at the beginning of the CNN segment go to: Transportation for America. For an update on the continuing transit cutbacks see: Cuts To Paratransit: A National Issue

VIDEO #2- Metro Means Freedom: Stuart & Dianne Falk

September 25, 2010

Paratransit Provider Profile: MTA Mobility

BALTIMORE - ADA Paratransit in Baltimore, Maryland is provided by the
MTA's Mobility/Paratransit Program is a "curb-to-curb, shared ride service for people with disabilities who are not able to ride fixed route
transit." According to the 2010 APTA Factbook, the program was ranked 12th in the United States in Passenger Trips provided. Videos 1 & 2 below, give a 'behind the scenes' look at what goes on at the MTA offices and provides an introduction to the program: including applying, eligibility, and use of the service. The third video provides a 'walk-through' of the process: giving those unfamiliar with it, some idea of what to expect when they visit the MTA Mobility offices to apply for service.
As well, MTA has a
taxi service program that "provides increased independence for people with disabilities."
Yellow Cab of Baltimore ( a Veolia Transportation company) is a contracted provider of this service, as well as for the City of Baltimore's Elderly & Handicapped Taxicard Program.

September 23, 2010

NEMT Profile: 5 Star Medical Transport

VIRGINIA - 5 Star Medical Transport is a non-emergency medical transportation service provider in Chesapeake, Virginia. They provide local or long distance ambulatory, wheelchair, and stretcher transport to medical appointments or social events in the Hampton Roads area of Southeastern Virginia. Besides their website they also have a Facebook page that is updated frequently, and also publish a monthly newsletter. Here is a recent example: August Newsletter. 5 Star Medical Transport is a member of the Hampton Road Chamber of Commerce and the Norfolk Better Business Bureau.
Find other Virginia Wheelchair Accessible Transportation Services

September 16, 2010

NEMT Profile: Ohio Medical Transport

Ohio Medical Transport is a non-emergency medical transportation service provider operating in the
Greater Dayton area of west central
Ohio. Their service area includes:
Ohio Medical Transport's vehicles are air conditioned and most are equipped with on-board audio-visual equipment with classic DVD comedy selections for passengers.

September 10, 2010

Non-Profit Spotlight: Ride Connection

PORTLAND - Non-profit organizations occupy a unique position in the Paratransit Industry. Many of them began operating well before the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) made such services a requirement in the United States. They thus represent the grassroots initiative of individuals and organizations in their respective communities to meet the transportation needs of the disabled and elderly. No two are alike. For some, wheelchair transport is one component of a larger community service mission. While others function solely as transport providers: some, like Paratransit Inc. work with the local transit authority to provide ADA Service; while others like Ride Connection offer services that compliment but do not duplicate ADA Services provided by local transit. Ride Connection has been operating in Portland, Oregon for 25 years. They provide responsive, accessible transportation options for those in need in Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington Counties. To learn about other non-profit agencies and programs see: Non-Profit Transportation Services.

Non-Profit: Paratransit Inc.

SACRAMENTO - Operating in Sacramento, California since 1978, Paratransit Inc. is a "private non-profit corporation dedicated to providing transportation to individuals with disabilities, the elderly, and related agencies throughout the Sacramento County area." It is the contracted provider of paratransit services for Sacramento Regional Transit. Paratransit Inc. has developed a number of innovative services and programs: 1. Vehicle Maintenance Division - State-of-the-art maintenance shop and fueling station, and that are not only to service it's own vehicles but also those of other community organizations. 2. Mobility Training Program - Provides assistance to disabled and elderly wanting to learn how to use Sacramento's fixed route public transportation and Neighborhood Ride service. 3. Innovative Paradigms - Transportation consulting and operations management division. 4. Consolidated Transportation Services Agency - Since 1981 has served as the CTSA for the Sacramento area. In that role it partners with other community-based organizations to coordinate lower cost transportation alternatives to ADA Paratransit. To learn about other non-profit agencies and programs see: Non-Profit Transportation Services.

September 9, 2010

Non-Profit Spotlight: Kid One Transport

ALABAMA - According to the Community Transportation Association: "Medicaid and Medicare services pay nearly $3.5 billion a year to provide transportation to non-emergency medical treatment." As great a number as this is, it only represents those who qualify for such services. There are many who, for various reasons, are unable to access or are ineligible for transport. For example, in the United States "as many as 4 million children in families with incomes under $50,000/year miss essential doctor appointments because of inadequate transportation." (Children's Health Fund). It was in response to exactly this kind of need that Russell Jackson began Kid One Transport. He started in 1997 with "one van/one driver." Today, Kid One operates a fleet of 14 vehicles serving the needs of 30 counties throughout central and north-central Alabama. To learn about other non-profit agencies and programs see: Non-Profit Transportation Services.

Non-Profit Spotlight: Washington County, Minnesota

MINNESOTA - The following video features 3 non-profit organizations that serve the needs of residents in Washington County, Minnesota. Each has seen a need for non-emergency medical transportation among the population they serve and have developed programs to address this.
1. Community Thread Transportation - Since 1967, serving seniors in the Washington County and St. Croix Valley areas of Minnesota. Provided in conjunction with other medical and social programs offered by Community Thread.
2. American Cancer Society - Transportation to treatment for ambulatory outpatients. Drivers can volunteer through ACS's Road To Recovery Program.
3. White Bear Area Senior's Lionmobile Transportation - Wheelchair/ambulatory shared ride transport service offered by the White Bear Area Senior Program for residents of the White Bear School District area of Minnesota who are 60+ years of age and qualified disabeled adults under the age of 60. For more information see the Lionmobile Transportation Services Rider Guide.

To learn about other non-profit agencies and programs see: Non-Profit Transportation Services.

Non-Profit Spotlight: New InterUrban Transportation

INDIANA - LifeStream is a non-profit organization operating in Indiana since 1975. Lifestream offers to individuals at risk of losing their independence a wide variety of services, products, and programs including New InterUrban Transportation. New InterUrban provides rural non-ADA door-to-door wheelchair and assisted ambulatory transport (including Indiana Medicaid trips) in Blackford, Delaware, Madison, Jay, Randolph, Henry, and Grant Counties in East-Central Indiana. The New InterUrban compliments, but does not duplicate, public transportation services available within the city limits of Muncie, Anderson, New Castle, or Marion Indiana. To learn about other non-profit agencies and programs see: Non-Profit Transportation Services.