August 1, 2010

Small Bus Fire Safety

FIRE SAFETY - The July 2, 2010 article and video: Driver Acts Quickly To Save Passenger During Bus Fire shows what was left of a shuttle bus and electric wheelchair after an on-board fire. The driver was able to quickly get all 5 passengers off (2 in wheelchairs) moments before the bus was engulfed in flames. Such driver heroics and close calls, like the one in the following video are sobering reminders of just how real and devastating fire can be. Here are some steps you can take to prepare for such emergencies: to learn about what fire safety products are available for paratransit buses visit FIRE TRACE. As well, read my other post: Evacuating Elderly and Disabled Passengers from Public Transportation Vehicle Emergencies to learn about a training course to help prepare drivers and attendants for emergency vehicle evacuation.

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