June 27, 2010

NEMT: Quality Transportation Services

PHOENIX, ARIZONA - Quality Transportation Services (QTS) is a non-emergency medical transportation service provider in Phoenix, Arizona which was owned for a time by retired Phoenix police officer Jason Schechterle and his former police partner Bryan Chapman. In 2001, Mr. Schechterle suffered severe burns as a result of his patrol car being rear ended. His treatment and rehabilitation required many trips to medical facilities. In fact, his interest in providing medical transport stems from his first hand knowledge of having experienced it many times as a patient. His story is described in the 2nd video below. UPDATE: In 2010, QTS became a member of the Power Arizona, LLC family of companies.

VIDEO #2 - Jason Schechterle

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Anonymous said...

Jason is no longer the owner of Quality Transport. He also did not start the compnay in 2001 he took over it in 2007-2008.

Anonymous said...

This is a great company. Very organized. Focus on safety and reliability and value. Always on time. Best transportation company in Phoenix.