May 27, 2010

2010 Public Transportation Fact Book

2010 PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION FACT BOOK - The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) has recently published the 61st. edition of their annual "Fact Book". It summarizes current information for various modes of public transport, including paratransit. I took this opportunity to update and expand my U.S. Paratransit Services links page to include 100 of the largest agencies (ridership & passenger miles), plus at least one representative agency from each state. As well, on the NYS Paratransit Network website I have posted a complete list of Paratransit Services available for both New York State and the Tri-State Region. The Tri-State Region, is comprised of the five boroughs of New York City + those areas of New York State, New Jersey, and Connecticut that are within commuting distance of NYC. According to Appendix B (p.176) of the 2010 Fact Book: in 2008, paratransit agencies in the the Tri-State Region (primarily: MTA Access-A-Ride, NJ Transit Community Paratransit, CT Transit Paratransit Services) provided over 8,513,000 trips for customers covering a distance of 82,280,000 miles. That's just a small example of the wealth of information available in the 2010 Public Transportation Fact Book and it's supplemental materials: Appendix A: Historical Tables and Appendix B: Transit Agency & Urbanized Area Operating Statistics.

VIDEO - The following vintage (pre-ADA) video was produced by the APTA.
"Transit: Meeting the Mobility Needs of the Disabled"

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