April 15, 2010

NYS Paratransit Network

NYS PARATRANSIT NETWORK: "A social network for everyone involved in the Paratransit services; where everyone can communicate and discuss issues." NYS Paratransit Network was recently started by Sonia Rodriguez: "As a Paratransit Driver I was compelled to create this website because I have heard stories from all sides, from management to drivers and yes especially from our customers! This is the one place where ALL can unite and discuss issues pertaining to our Paratransit services. This website was made for everyone who one way or another is involved in the Paratransit Transportation system - such as drivers, customers, etc. in the NYS (New York State) area. Anyone outside of the state is welcomed to join to represent where they come from."

Even though ADA Paratransit is provided on a local basis, many of the challenges and issues are universal. So, whatever you are experiencing in your city, town, county - you may be surprised at just how similar that is to what is going on elsewhere. Communication: thoughtful and respectful discussion and sharing of ideas is key, and NYS Paratransit Network is just the place to do it. I would encourage readers to check it out and give it a try. There many different ways to share: make a blog posting, start a discussion in the forum, form groups, upload photos/videos, chat. You can remain completely anonymous if you wish (unlike Face Book), or as with any social network, you can create a personal profile. NYSPN is hosted on Ning. In the following CNN interview, co-founder and CEO of Ning, Gina Bianchini tells us how it all works.

NEW! - I have recently started a discussion about designated pick-up/drop-off locations in the forum at NYS Paratransit Network entitled: "In the Back by the Dumpster" Check it out, sign-up and join in!