March 21, 2010

Intelligent Transportation Systems

INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS (ITS) - ITS and specifically the use of Mobile Data Terminals (MDT) by paratransit providers is growing and consequently transforming the logistics of the industry. The following videos provide a good introduction to their use and capabilities. They were produced by Mentor Engineering. Mentor has worked with many demand responsive services including: Microsoft Shuttle, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, and Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority. For more information about the use of ITS in the paratransit industry see:

1. ITS Applications for Coordinating & Improving Human Services Transportation: A Cross-Cutting Study - U.S Department of Transportation study show examples of how ITS has improved access for the "Transportation Disadvantaged".
2. Mobile Data Terminals: A Synthesis of Transit Practice (2007) - Detailed report based on survey of a number of transit agencies.
3. Review of the Cost Benefit of Mobile Data Terminals in Paratransit Operations - Report prepared for Miami-Dade Transit comparing MDT use by six other paratransit agencies.

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