February 28, 2010

Paratransit Debit Card Program

SF TAXICARD - San Fransisco Paratransit has begun to implement their new Paratransit Debit Card Program called SF TaxiCard. Developed utilizing Cabconnect's CardOne technology; this program is intended to make it easier to pay for taxi trips. It will enable clients to check on trip history, inquire about account balance, and add value to their account. Prior to this, 'taxi script coupon booklets' had to be purchased each month. As with the taxi script, the user receives $30 value on their SF TaxiCard for every $5 paid, up to their monthly limit. Training programs for drivers and riders have been launched and by the summer of 2010, the program should be fully underway. The following Paratransit Card Training Video (featuring Yellow Cab Cooperative) is part of that education process. In May 2009, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMTA) began a similar program called MetroAccess EZ-Pay developed in partnership with MJM Innovations.

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