November 28, 2009

NEMT Case Study: The Wheelchair Taxi

CASE STUDY - Joel Davis, author of "How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company" in conversation with Carlos Banks, owner/operator of The Wheelchair Taxi located in North Carolina. Carlos describes how he used Joel's ebook, and online support network to help him establish and grow a successful Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Business. He had been a UPS driver for 20 years and had no previous experience in business. Today his income is 4 times that of what he earned as a courier, and as he say's in the interview: "I went from taking orders from management, to giving orders." Since the time of this interview, Carlos has attended Joel's Million Dollar Seminar and has applied that new knowledge to improve his non-emergency medical transportation business. Here are some of the practical applications that he has employed: 1. diversifying your NEMT operation by offering a courier service. 2. improving business management practices. 3. the value of networking with other entrepreneurs in the non-emergency medical transportation industry by using such services as Joel's MDTVIP service.

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