August 8, 2009

Drive Cams

DRIVE CAMS - Over the summer, MV Transportation entered into an agreement with DriveCam Inc. to convert MV's entire fleet of 5000+ vehicles (including paratransit and medicaid contracted) to DriveCam's Managed Services Program. More than a camera, it's what calls the "automotive equilavent of the 'black box' data recorder". It should be noted, that within days of this news, MV furthered their commitment to safety by announcing that they would be partnering with Avatar Management Services to implement a new company-wide driver training & safety program. MV is looking to duplicate the success that Veolia Transportation has seen in it's North American operations, where the company has had a 38% reduction in collisions within a one-year period and lowered costs associated with risky driving since transitioning their fleet to DriveCams's program.

VIDEO - Bus Driver Texting Crash: San Antonio, Texas

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