April 12, 2009

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) / Ambulette Service Providers

Links to providers of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) services in the United States and Canada; also known as Ambulette, Ambucab, Cabulance, Medi-Bus, Medi-Van, or Medi-Car Services. For more information see the NEMT Resources Page and the NEMT Index. My other website, The Paratransit Watch -EXTRA has numerous articles to help users of NEMT services become better informed about the service they should expect from NEMT Providers.


Rozina Khan said...

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Rozina Khan

Cory Slicklen said...

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cshellenbach said...

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Grove Transit said...

How does a new NEMT company get added to the above list?

Webmaster said...

Know of a website that you would like to see added to the directory? It's Free! You can get in touch with me through Contactify.

akrevets said...

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Al Rwais said...

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