July 17, 2012

Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Resources

Links to reports, manufacturers, organizations, and services relating to wheelchair accessible taxis. For information see: Accessible Taxi Providers.

1-800-Taxicab - National (U.S.) Taxi Directory. Includes paratransit services directory.

Accessible Taxicab Driver Course - 5 day course designed to train current cab owners who wish to drive Accessible Taxicabs in the City of Toronto.

AccessibleTaxis.com - Low prices, ADA compliant, available across the U.S.

Elite Taxi Training - Yorkshire, England. Includes wheelchair training.

International Association of Transportation Regulators - Taxi Industry regulators association.

MetroKing Motors - Wheelchair accessible taxi manufacturer based in New York.

MV-1 - Purpose built wheelchair accessible taxi manufacturer headquartered in Miami. Formerly known as the Standard Taxi.

My Taxi Story - Las Vegans with disabilities offer stories about experiences with taxis in Las Vegas.

National Review of Taxi, Hackney, & Limousine Services Standards - Concerning accessibility in Ireland's Taxi Industry.

Taxibus - A public transportation alternative for districts of Montreal where it could not be possible to establish a regular bus service. Operated by STM.

Taxicab, Limousine, & Paratransit Association - International trade association includes 1,100 companies.

TAXI.IE - Ireland's Online Taxi Industry Magazine.

Taxi Service and Limousines - Summary of ADA requirements affecting taxi industry.

Toolkit for Integrating Non-Dedicated Vehicles in Paratransit Service - 2007 study of incorporation of "non-dedicated vehicles", primarily taxis, in paratransit service.

Towards an Accessible Taxi Service for All - Study into accessibility in Ireland's taxi industry.

TX4 (Black Cab) - British purpose-built wheelchair accessible taxi manufacturer. The also have a North American Division.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Inquiry Report - Australian Human Rights Commission report into state of industry across Australia.

Find more blog posts and directory pages that deal primarily with wheelchair accessible, assisted ambulatory, and shared-ride taxi services on the Taxi Index.

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