March 6, 2009


Links to articles, research and insurance companies that cater to paratransit and related transportation.

5 Star Specialty Programs - Insurance for paratransit, ambulette operations, NEMT and more.

CIMA - Insurance for volunteer services including providers of non-profit transport of the elderly and disabled.

Craft Insurance - Independent full service agency based in Greensboro, NC. Offers a variety of services including Paratransit and NEMT insurance.

Fairmont Insurance - Paratransit, Non-Emergency Medical, Ambulette, and other related modes of specialized transport. Available for all 50 states.

HDA Insurance Brokerage - California company offering wide range of transportation programs including NEMT and Taxi.

Insurance Challenges for Paratransit - Detailed study of various issues facing services throughout the U.S. prepared by the National Conference of State Legislatures. A free 90 min. telephone conference discussion based on this issue brief is hosted by the National Transit Institute.

Irwin Siegel Agency - New York company offers paratransit insurance.

Love Insurance Agency - Ohio based company offers transportation insurance for paratransit, taxi, ambulance, school bus, and more.

National Interstate - Passenger/Public Transportation insurance, including paratransit and ambulette.

NonProfits United - California self-insurance pool for non-profit organizations including a Vehicle Insurance Pool (VIP).

Paratransit Insurance Company - Tennessee based company serves only taxi, paratransit, and other public auto fleet operators.

Putting the Brakes on Paratransit Operator Losses - 2006 article by the Insurance Journal.

Southern States Insurance - “Delivering family and business insurance in Georgia, Florida and nationwide. Specializing in Non Emergency Transportation insurance."

Sovereign Risk Solutions - National full service insurance brokerage specializing in paratransit insurance.

Stone Transportation Agency - National company specializing in insuring transportation providers: including paratransit, taxi, and ambulette.


Josh said...

You can call Josh at Fairmont Insurance for a great insurance quote for your ambulette company!! (718)419-0414.

Anonymous said...

I called Josh and he really knows his stuff. He not only helped me get the insurance coverage, but held my hand through the DOT licensing process. I definitelly recommend that people call him.

Mike Brugad

Al Rwais said...

Call me at 1-866-747-4242; I am in Ca and I work with Top 5 Insurance Companies to insure Medical Transportation including new ventures