March 25, 2009


Links to sites describing transportation forerunners, and pioneering work of individuals and groups that laid a foundation for the paratransit services and policy of today. For more information see the Accessiblity Pioneers Series.

Cotting School - First day school for children with disabilities in the U.S. From it's founding in 1893, it has seen transportation as a priority to providing access to education for students of all backgrounds. Read More...

Indiana University Sheet Music Collection - Copies of 11 vaudeville era songs with Jitneys as their subject matter. A 1915 recording of one: Gasoline Gus & His Jitney Bus can be heard through the Internet Archive.

List of References on the Jitneys and Jitney Regulation - 1915 document by the Bureau of Railway Economics.

Metro Motor Services - Based in Rochester, New York. It is a non-profit agency serving all of Monroe County. Origins date back to the Spanish Flu Epidemic, when the Public Health Nursing Association enlisted the help of volunteer drivers to transport nurses and doctors to flu victims. In 1922 the first full time driver was hired and the service grew through the 1930's and 40's to include service to area hospitals, clinics, and social service agencies. In 1966 it began transports for wheelchair users. Today they provide 500,000 trips/year to over 9000 area residents.

Museum of disAbility History - The "online wing" bricks and mortar museum located in Williamsville, NY. It is a project of People Inc.

New York City Taxi Driver Oral History Project - Written, audio, and photo archive.

Paratransit: An Instructional Module - 1985 guide for class taught at West Virginia University, Transportation Education Project, by Anthony Scalici.

Tim Nugent and University of Illinois Wheelchair Athletics - 8 min. video describing Professor Nugent's pioneering work at the University of Illinois which, besides athletics; also included campus accessibility: first university to introduce curb cuts (1950), first buses equipped with wheelchair lifts (1952 - see photo above), and first architectural accessibility standards (1961). Read More...

Walter Callow Wheelchair Bus - Halifax, Nova Scotia accessible bus service founded in 1948 by Walter Callow. Although, left paralyzed and blind after a flight training crash in 1917, he remained active in life and business. He supervised the conversion of a bus for those in wheelchairs (especially veterans), and established a non-profit corporation to organize and perpetuate it's use. Read More...

World of Taxis - Culture and history of taxis, part of the Taxi Library website. Lots of good links and interesting photos.

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