March 8, 2009

Demand Responsive Transportation (DRT) Resources

Links to reports, studies concerning Demand Responsive Transportation (DRT). See also DRT Providers.

Angus Transport Forum - Scottish sustainable transport project carries out research, education and development relating to community based DRT.

Benefits Assessment of Advanced Public Transportation Systems - 1996 U.S. Department of Transport study looking at various forms of transportation including DRT.

City of Genoa & the Flexible "On -Demand" Transportation Systems: An Innovative Way of Moving - Report describes public transportation innovations (including DRT) being put into practice in Genoa, Italy. A video of the DrinBus can be seen here.

CONNECT - Portal and information service for DRT and FTS (Flexible Transport Services) schemes in Europe.

Connected Cities - European transportation planning magazine showcase's work in developing DRT for rural area's of Greece.

Community Transport Strategy - 2006 transportation plan for community and DRT services in Hampshire County, U.K.

Demand Responsive Transport - Wikipedia article.

Demand Responsive Transportation in Rural Areas - Part of a study larger study of rural public transportation options in the U.K. by the Commission for Integrated Transport.

Demand Responsive Transportation Service for People with Disabilities in Thessaloniki, Greece - 2009 PowerPoint of wheelchair accessible DRT in Greek city.

DRTBus - Site showing examples of DRT in the U.K. and Europe. Hosted by transport consultants MTRU who have been working on DRT in the U.K. since the 1990's.

Evaluation Study of Demand Responsive Transport Services in Wiltshire - 2006 report prepared for Wiltshire County Council (U.K.)

Flexroutes - Report about DRT demonstration project (1996/97) in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Integration of the DRT as a Complementary Service to PT in Toulouse - CIVITAS initiative to improve public transport in rural area of France.

Interactive-Transport - French-Australian company. Developer of the Responsive-Transport application, a fully automated booking management and scheduling system for DRT services.

MASCARA - European project promoting widespread implementation of site-specific DRT services as a key component of social cohesion, and sustainable competitive development in European Regions.

NICHES - European urban transportation project promoting various innovations including the Call-A Bus Service and Urban Lift-Sharing Services.

OSMOSE - Database of various innovative urban transport and mobility concepts and practices worldwide.

Resource Requirement for Demand-Responsive Transportation Services - 2003 report prepared by the Transit Cooperative Research Program. Supporting material (NU DRT Software, Users Manual, and Supplementary Material) available from the Transportation Research Board.

Review of Demand Responsive Transport in Scotland - 2006 Scottish Government report describes examples of interesting schemes and best practices in DRT delivery.

Tactran Bus and Community/Demand Responsive Transport Strategy - 2008 report for the Regional Transport Partnership for Tayside and Sterling (Scotland).

Transit On Demand (Have Cell Will Travel) - 1/2 hour video produced by Peak Moment Television. Also available on YouTube.

Using Information Technology to Achieve a Breakthrough in Transportation in New York City - 2008 proposal by Mark Gorton to apply the latest advances in information and communications technologies to make DRT a viable public transportation option in New York. Serialized as Smart Para-Transit: A New Vision for Urban Transportation. See also the Smart ParaTransit Discussion Group.


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