July 15, 2007


Links to national transit directories and databases in the the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.

Access to Travel - Transport Canada website providing information on accessible transportation and travel across Canada.

Ambulette Transportation - Database of cabulance, wheelchair, and non-emergency medical transportation companies throughout the U.S.

American Public Transportation Association - APTA's directory of large U.S bus systems (200 buses or more). See also: International Transportation Links.

ADA Paratransit Services in America - Database of paratransit maintained by Easter Seals Project ACTION

Beverley Foundation - Database/Map of seniors community transportation services available across the United States.

Directgov - Travel planner on U.K Government website.

Florida Paratransit Maintenance Training & Technical Assistance Program - Consortium of agencies can monitor and exchange bus maintenance information with each other concerning issues, solutions, bulletins, etc.

National Paratransit Directory - 1-800-TAXICAB's directory of accessible services in United States.

National Transit Database - Federal Transit Administration's (FTA's) primary national database for statistics on the transit industry.

Public Transportation - Large, consumer orientated database of various modes of public transportation in United States. Site maintained by American Public Transportation Association.

Travel Search - Public transport information for the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland) & the Irish Republic.

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