January 7, 2007


What is Demand Responsive Transport ? - An advanced, user-orientated form of public transport characterized by flexible routing and schedualing of small/medium vehicles operating in shared-ride mode between pick-up and drop-off locations according to passenger needs. Wikipedia

What is Paratransit (also para-transit) - A term originally coined by Ron Kirby and Kisten Bhat of the Urban Institute in their 1974 report: Para-transit: Neglected Options for Urban Mobility (ISBN: 0877661219). It was used as general term to describe the various forms of flexible (or demand response) passenger transportation that do not follow fixed routes or schedules; such as shared taxis, car pools, dial-a-ride, jitneys, and (*see below) specialized transportation for people with disabilities. Wikipedia * This term has become increasingly associated with one particular form of demand response transportation: specialized transportation for people with disabilities. To avoid confusion I too use the term 'paratransit' in this it's most commonly used form.

What is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) - A form of medical transportation which is provided in non-emergency situations to people who require special medical attention. Ambulances, helicopters, and other emergency transport vehicles may be used in NEMT, but the goal of the transport is to get the patient from one location to another while offering medical support, rather than to offer field treatment and rapid transport to a medical facility. People that use NEMT are medically stable, but still need medical support. WiseGeek

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