December 31, 2006


Links to various audio or video resources online.

Access to Buses, Trains, Vans & Taxicabs for People With Disabilities - Video of workshop covering the legal requirements for a variety of types of transportation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), with an emphasis on public transportation.

ADA Paratransit in the Real World - Workshop covering the legal requirements for "origin-to-destination" paratransit service under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), including eligibility issues (applications, recertification and "functional assessments").

Community In Action - 10 min. instructional video describing San Francisco's MUNI Paratransit system.

Crashworthiness and Impact Analysis - Florida State University Radio, 2:15 min. audio version of the SFU article: Engineering Lab Helping Ensure Safety of Florida’s Minibuses.

Department of Transportation Proposed ADA Changes - 20 min. 2006 podcast produced by the Southwest ADA Center featuring Marilyn Golden discussing impact of DOT proposals including those to ADA paratransit.

In Touch With The MTA - A series of videos and audio programs produced by Maryland Transit Authority including a 15 min. audio discussion of ADA compliance.

Manchester Dial-A-Ride - Promotional video discribing Manchester Connecticut's Saturday Dial-A-Ride service. Posted on YouTube.

Paratransit Education & Advocacy Collaborative (PEAC) - 3 podcasts available as mp3s: ADA Paratransit 101 and ADA Paratransit 102 (Basic Eligibility), and ADA Paratransit 103 (Self Advocacy Tools). There are also PowerPoint presentations that accompany each of these available here.

Paratransit Inc. - Mobility Training Video for Sacramento County.

Paratransit Song - Sung to the tune of Clementine. Part of the entertainment at the National Federation of the Blind's 2007 Convention. Can be heard here.

Possible Changes to Paratransit System - KELO-TV Sioux Falls, South Dakota News Report, March 2007. A follow-up story was done after a public meeting: Meeting Addresses Paratransit Changes

Q'Straint - Video loop of wheelchir crash test for securement system.

Saturday Morning Special (mp3) - 2 hour talk radio program broadcast March 3, 2004 in Santa Cruz, California on KSCO. The show, hosted by Michael Zwerling, features Sam Storey (Community Bridges - the non-profit community organization that runs the local paratransit service: Lift Line), Bryant Baehr (Santa Cruz Metro), and Mike Bradshaw (Center Coast Center for Independent Living).

Sure-Lok - 20 min. instrutional video and book for drivers. Can be viewed online.

Telargo Fleet and Workforce Management Services - Promotional Video posted on YouTube.

Unraveling the Mysteries of Paratransit - 1/2 hour podcast (mp3) produced by Disability Nation featuring Marilyn Golden, a policy analyst with Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, a leading national civil rights and policy center. A transcript is available here.

Veolia Transportation - Promotional Video of Seattle, Washington Company. Posted on YouTube.

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