December 31, 2006

Scheduling & Dispatch

Links to companies that have developed software for demand response/paratransit scheduling, dispatching, and information management.

ArcLogistics - Routing and scheduling GIS based application for fleets including paratransit.
CTS Software - In the industry since early 1980's and provide scheduling, reporting, and billing software; including "Trip Master" Para-Transit Management Software.

Dial-a-Ride-Online - Online web based route management solution providing total flexibility as to where, when & by whom it is used.

DME (Dispatching Made Easy) - Web based software system designed exclusively for passenger transport services. Read More...

Dispatching For Dollars - Ebook/Training Manual for NEMT/Ambulette dispatchers and schedulers. Read More...

Easy Rides - Mobilitat Comprehensive paratransit software with GIS and AVL. Read More

Ecolane - Demand Response Transportation Software.

GIRO/ACCES - Automated scheduling designed to meet the needs of large paratransit organizations with centralized call-taking centers.

GreyHawk Paratransit MDT System - The system uses computer technology in the vehicle to step the driver through the completion of each trip on the route and simultaneously transmit the results of the trip back to dispatch.

First Transit - ADA Paratransit & NEMT Call Center Management.

Flex-T - Web-based subscription service that is designed to consolidate the resources of many transportation providers and make them available to all users. Read More...

IE Logistics (Infinite Enterprises) - Logistics and transportation solutions for variety of transportation needs including paratransit.

Logical Transport - U.K. provider of scheduling software and consultancy services.

LogicTree Paratransit - Speech-enabled booking system for transit and transportation agency call centers.

Management Information Solutions - Maker of TransAid NEMT internet based scheduling and billing software.

MedTrans Pro - Integrated software system specifically designed for ambulette/non-emergency medical transportation: client database, scheduling, dispatch, reports, and accounting.

Mentor Engineering - Mobile data system for demand response scheduling and dispatching, including paratransit. Read More...

Mobisoft - Finnish software company specialising in automated dispatching and wireless data transfer applications for passenger transport.

Ontira Communications Ltd - Maker of the Handyline automated booking system for paratransit riders. Subsidiary of TranSched (see below)

ParaPlan - EnGraph Software's scheduling and dispatching software for the Paratransit industry. Developer has related blog posting: Computer Tools For The Visually Impaired.

ParaRoute and ParaLogic - Real-time and batch paratransit software from RouteLogic.

ParaSysInfo - Designs software products that enhances the most popular scheduling software in use throughout U.S. and Europe.

Paratransit Software Tools - Vehicle routing, scheduling, and trip planning.

PtMS - Dispatch, scheduling, and invoicing browser and web based software system for paratransit and medical transportation providers.

Ride Express - Scheduling Software for Community Transportation.

RideScheduler - A web based paratransit application developed for volunteer driver programs; also supports paid drivers and shuttles.

RouteMatch - Transportation management logistics in the transportation industry, including scheduling and management software.

SPTS - Software developed to meet the needs of small to medium size paratransit/demand response services (50- 500 trips/day).

StrataGen Systems - Wireless based scheduling and dispatch; focusing on Demand Response, Paratransit, and Non-Emergency Medical Transportation. Read More...

TransSched - Offers a wide variety of software solutions for DRT or ADA Paratransit operations including Demand Response Manager.

Transit Computing - Developer of Route Coordinator, affordable transportation management software for small and medium size paratransit operations. Read More...

Trapeze - Automated scheduling and dispatch software for various kinds of transportation including: public (fixed route and demand response), ride-share, school buses, and affordable community transportation. Read More...

TransiTrak - Web-based NEMT routing and scheduling program that also manages fleet maintenance as well as reporting and invoicing. Read More...


Tim Hibbard said...

EnGraph also maintains another developement blog at also have online help at We also use twitter. @kylejarcher (Kyle) @timhibbard (Tim) @paraplan (ParaPlan 4.0 changelog)

steve said... is a web based paratransit application. Although it was developed for volunteer driver programs, it also supports paid drivers and shuttles. Simple to use and manage. A dispatcher creates rides with a few clicks and drivers are able to log on and see the rides that are available. Tons of features including displaying routes on a map and automatically calling drivers on the phone to remind them of their rides.

Steve Ewart
Managed Transportation Made Simple.

The Easy, Effective, Affordable Way to Manage your Transportation Program.

Paratransit software said...

We are next-generation providers of integrated passenger scheduling solutions, covering all

aspects of Vehicle and Passenger Scheduling, Routing, Vehicle Tracking and Mobile

Communications and the partner of choice for many of today's leading commercial companies

and government organizations.
Demand responsive transport

CTS-Software, Inc. said...

CTS-Software, Inc. has release their newest product called Trip Master Enterprise Edition at an extraordinary introductory price. This is a fully web-based scheduling, billing and reporting software program that includes Automated Scheduling as well as an interface with MDT/AVL technology.

For more info and a free demo of our Trip Master Software please contact sales at 800-704-0064 or

Myron R. Hammes said...

MediRoutes is affordable, easy to use, full featured, non-emergency medical transportation software that offers: optimized scheduling – based upon ride type, payer and vehicle capacity, real-time dispatch with GPS confirmation, real-time manifests sent directly to your drivers with performance confirmation, call taking - trip booking, billing and reporting. All of this is delivered in a SaaS model – web/internet based application– no client/server applications to purchase and maintain.

Myron R. Hammes
Schedule Viewer, LLC
Maker of MediRoutes

jimi said...

C2Logix offers routing software to set up, maintain and manage your most effective routes. the site has targeted technology to solve your specific needs.

Blake Woodrow said...

StrataGen Systems in what i know is actually the first Wireless based scheduling and dispatch in fleet maintenance programs focusing on Demand Response, Paratransit, and Non-Emergency Medical Transportation.

Angelina Sofia said...

Onetime360 offers Delivery Software that allowing every company to select the best fit based on marketing strategy, IT ecosystem, and business and legal requirements.

Paratransite dispatching software said... offers a full suite of scheduling, dispatching, billing, and reporting technology for non-emergency medical transport companies.

Amela Jones said...

Is there any further reading you would recommend on this?

ambulance dispatch software