December 31, 2006


Links to studies and reports that focus on paratransit.

ADA Complementary Paratransit: A Decade of Innovation - 2002 report by Easter Seals Project ACTION on first 10 years of ADA and a look forward to future challenges, including the need for National (U.S.) Paratransit Database.

ADA Paratransit Eligibility Certification Practices - 1998 study documents the range by the different eligibility certification models and offers information about their overall effectiveness.

Computer-Aided Scheduling & Dispatch in Demand-Responsive Transit Services - 2005 study explores the experiences of selected transit agencies, four contract service providers, and four software vendors focusing on current practices.

Creative Ways to Manage Paratransit Costs - 2008 report prepared for the Florida Department of Transportation by the Center for Urban Transportation Research (University of South Florida).

Current State of Transportation for People with Disabilities in the United States - 2005 report prepared for the National Council on Disability by Marilyn Golden and Richard Weiner.

Effect of Education Programs on Paratransit Demand of People with Disabilities - 1998 by Steven Stern, James Fitzgerald and Donna Shaunesey.

Demand Responsive/ADA: Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes - Transit Cooperative Research Program, Report 95 Chapter 6, Frank Spielberg and Richard H. Pratt.

Demand Response Statistics - Up to date and extensive stats provided by the APTA (American Public Transportation Association).

Embracing Paratransit Transportation - Paper explores paratransit as a community responsibility rather than solely ADA. Prepared for Sound Transit (Washington State's Central Puget Sound Area Transit).

Evaluation of Seat Belt Anchorage Strength of a Prototype Wheelchair Integrated Occupant Restraint System - University of Pittsburgh

Evaluating the Impact of ITS on Personalized Public Transit - Study from the California Path Program (U of C at Berkeley) about using Intelligent Transportation Systems.

How to Plan and Run Flexible and Demand Responsive Transport Guidance - Detailed report prepared for the Scottish Government recommending how future DRT schemes could be developed in Scotland.

Framing the Issues of Paratransit Services in Delaware (2007) - Report prepared for the Delaware Department of Transportation accessing current practices and recommendations for future.

Freedom To Travel - Detailed Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics, summarizes the results of a 2002 survey on access to transportation for persons with disabilities.

Good Practice Guide for DRT Services Using Telematics - The basics of demand responsive transportation.

Guide for Acquiring Demand Responsive Transit Software and Technology - 2000 checklist of things to consider when acquiring new scheduling software.

Implementation of the ADA: Challenges, Best Practices, & New Opportunities for Success - 2007 study prepared for the National Council on Disability. Includes section on paratransit.

Improving Capacity Planning for Demand-Responsive Paratransit Services - 2009 Minnesota Department of Transportation report.

Integration of Paratransit and Fixed-Route Transit Services - 2008 study explores the experiences of transit agencies that have attempted to depart from the traditional binary model of fixed-route and paratransit service by seeking out ways to integrate their services.

Innovative Practices in Paratransit Services - 2002 report prepared for Easter Seals Project ACTION. Based on survey and site visits, report is wide ranging and in depth.

Innovative Suburb-to-Suburb Transit Practices - 1995 report comparing fourteen suburb-to-suburb transit operations including paratransit services. Transportation Research Board.

ITS Applications for Coordinating and Improving Human Services Transportation - U.S. Department of Transportation study into uses of ITS in variety of modes of accessible transport.

Laboratory Testing Program for F.E. Crash Analysis of Paratransit Buses - 2007 report into bus crashworthiness testing based on research carried out by Jerry W. Wekezer at Florida State University's Crashworthiness & Impact Analysis Laboratory.

Mobile Data Terminals - 2007 study explores the state-of-the-practice of MDT's and examines the capability of mobile data computers offered by technology vendors to the industry.

Operational Experiences with Flexible Transit Services - 2004 study examines hybrid services that fall between the two traditional service models of DRT and fixed-route.

Organizational Structures for Brokerage of Paratransit Services (2005) - by Anthony M. Pagano and Paul Metaxatos, Urban Transportation Center, University of Illinois at Chicago.

Paratransit Contracting and Service Delivery Methods - 1998 study focuses on the state of practice in paratransit contracting and service delivery methods to comply with ADA provisions.

Paratransit Coordination Study (2003) - Technical Memorandum prepared by the Kane County (Illinois) Division of Transportation.

Paratransit In America: Redefining Mass Transportation (1997) by Robert Cervero - 320 pages, not available on line.

Paratransit, Inc.'s Unique Success with Coordinated Human Service Transportation (2008) - Paratransit, Inc. is a non-profit paratransit provider in Sacramento operating since 1981.

Paratransit Manager's Skills, Qualifications, and Needs - 2007 study examines current requirements for management and actual experiences of current managers in their positions.

Paratransit Scheduler - Interesting study of East Bay Paratransit by Morgan Ames of Berkeley.

Perfect Accessible Minibus? (Capturing this Elusive Beast) - 2007 study by Enne de Boer, John Taylor, Otto Cazemier, and Rolf Kuhlmann.

Policies & Practices for Effectively & Efficiently Meeting ADA Paratransit Demand - 2008 study by the Transit Cooperative Research Program.

Practices in No-Show & Late Cancellation Policies for ADA Paratransit - 2005 study examines current and innovative practices of U.S. transit agencies in development and implementation of policy.

Principles of Paratransit Design - Summary of study comparing paratransit in Boston and Tulsa by Transportation Alternatives, a transportation consultancy.

Quantifying the Technical Efficiency of Canadian Paratransit Systems Using Data Envelopment Analysis Method - (2005) By Jingtao Yang. A thesis presented to the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Moving Backwards: Canada's State of Transportation Accessibility in an International Context - Report prepared for The Council of Canadians With Disabilities. Interesting comparison of national transportation accessibility policy and implementation in Europe, Australia, United States, and Canada.

Preliminary Evaluation of Wheelchair Occupant Restraint System Usage in Motor Vehicles - 2002 report published in the Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development.

Recent Developments in Telematics-Based Demand Responsive Transportion - Report comparing various DRT Systems in U.K. and Europe.

Shuttle Services: Shuttle Buses, Jitneys and Free Transit Zones - Victoria (British Columbia)Transport Policy Institute transportation encyclopedia entry.

Shuttle Vans: The Overlooked Transit Alternative - 1994 article for the Reason Foundation by Robert W. Poole, Jr., and Michael Griffin.

State of the Art of Paratransit - by R. Lave & R. Mathias of the Transportation Research Board Committee on Paratransit. Good basic description of industry.

Synthesis of Securement Device Options and Strategies - 2002 report by the National Center for Transit Research, Florida.

Trends in Paratransit Technologies - 2004 report prepared by Trapese Software Group.

Transportation: Disadvantaged Populations - 2003 report to Congress.

Traveler Response to Innovative Personalized Demand-Responsive Transit in the San Fransisco Bay Area - Prepared by the California Path Program (U of C at Berkeley)

Universal Securement/Restraint System for Wheeled Mobility Aids on Public Transportation Vehicles (Oregon State University Securement System) - Easter Seals Project ACTION

Wheelchair Access: Improvements, Standards, and Challenges & Wheelchair Marking and Tether Straps - Reports on wheelchair access and securement prepared by Douglas J. Cross Transportation Consulting.

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